The running app that's got your back


It's important for runners to challenge themselves and have fun, but safety should always be the first priority. Unfortunately, the most widely used running apps do not prioritize safety. Meanwhile, the apps that do prioritize safety are reactive, not proactive. Instead of helping runners avoid trouble from the start, apps try to save them after danger strikes. 

sidekick is a proactive running app that puts safety first.

It utilizes the wisdom of the crowd to turn user-generated data into useful information that helps runners stay safe and run smart. By runners, for runners.


How it Works



With sidekick, runners mark points and stretches in a city with a curated list of hashtags. Hashtags such as #LightPedestrianTraffic appear as stretches on the map, and hashtags such as #DrinkingFountain appear as points on the map. Runners can upvote or downvote hashtags in particular locations based on their own experiences, and they can use the map's data visualization to build smarter and safer routes. 


Mapping a Run


Data Visualization

sidekick allows runners to create, find, and track runs. When a runner opens the map to begin a run, the map display visualizes hashtags such as traffic levels and route conditions. The runner can control what is displayed in order to build a route that meets their workout needs.


Tracking a Run


Voice Command

sidekick utilizes a two-way communication stream during runs.

Runners can send voice commands to sidekick during their run to create route notes and hashtags. These appear as points on the map after a run that they can edit, save, and add to the sidekick hashtag database.

sidekick also communicates with runners during a run with route information and alerts, suggested reroutes, directions, and workout cues.


Staying Safe


Safety Signal

Runners can be proactive about their safety by planning routes with sidekick, and they can stay safe during a run with sidekick's safety signal. If they are stationary for a set period of time, say 5 minutes, safety signal alerts their emergency contacts with a text message and a location pin. When the safety signal is sent, the app begins recording audio that is also sent to the emergency contacts. 


Adding to the Wisdom of the Crowd


Run In Review

After a run, runners can review the notes and hashtags they logged, as well as add new ones along the route. The notes are private, but the hashtags are added to sidekick's crowdsourced database. sidekick is by runners, for runners, so that everyone can run safe and run smart.