A/B Testing, Visual Design

BigMarker External Pages

One of my tasks at BigMarker was to redesign our marketing and product pages to refine our branding and messaging, as well as create new PPC landing pages to increase paid customer conversion rates.


Use Case Pages

These pages educate & inform the audience about BigMarker's various use cases, ranging from small online meetings to live events with thousands of attendees.


Features Pages

The BigMarker Features Pages highlight the platform's key differentiators and unique capabilities.


PPC Pages

User insights drove the messaging of the PPC pages. Customers are looking for easy to use, hassle-free webinar platforms that save time and money. This highly iterative process involved A/B testing different designs, page layouts and length, and messages.

After implementing new PPC pages, month-to-month paid subscriptions skyrocketed. Over a 12-month period, conversion rates have increased from 1 per week to more than 2 per day.